Transsporter is reinventing the way deliveries are made. The concept of the delivery service has not changed since the stagecoach days of the 1820s, although we have gotten much better at it. Companies still decide how much a delivery will cost based off of the size, weight, travel distance, and timeliness of the package. Time for a new way of thinking. With over 270 million registered vehicles in the US, there is plenty of room to get your package from A to B faster and cheaper than using traditional means.

Jeff Spengler, CEO and Founder

Jeff is a US Navy Special Operations Veteran, who identified a need to improve the logistics industry.  Jeff figured that everyday people are utilizing their personal vehicle to give others a ride and to deliver your food to you, all at the price set by someone looking to make large profit off of the convenience of others.  That is where Transsporter began, and the first thing Jeff decided on was to pay the drivers 90% of the delivery fee.