A guide to setting up a on-demand scalable, same day delivery service across the nation


The online market has grown exponentially in recent years, with Amazon as a pioneer of online shopping. Money that would supposedly go to solely brick-and-mortar stores will be shared now among online retailers. 

The impact of the ongoing e-commerce evolution and digital marketing on the traditional retail market, sometimes known as The Amazon Effect, has dramatically affected the buyer behavior and the market. As a result, shopping patterns have changed, consumers now expect a high-quality shopping experience in both online and in-store shopping, and businesses have acquired a new competitive landscape. To keep up, traditional retailers are joining the online market by incorporating an e-commerce platform for their local infrastructure. Now they can provide services to the customers who transitioned to online shopping while still catering to the people who shop in stores. 

same day delivery

According to a recent survey by NPR, 69% of Americans have shopped online, and 43% of them have done this regularly. Customers are more interested in personalized and convenient shopping, and with the extensive retailer options online, they get to be more involved in each purchase experience. Besides skipping the long lines of shopping in physical stores, online shopping gives them easier access to the items they are looking for from different stores at the same time, instantly compare prices, and shop at any time of the day. Shoppers also have the options of free delivery or express delivery. Sometimes there are even sales and promos they could only acquire with an online purchase. 

Starting a scalable, same day delivery 

With how the big retail brands such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Target in the e-commerce community gave quick responses to orders, consumers, especially the DIY crowd want the same satisfaction from all businesses and demand the same day delivery. Since these big brands only hold almost a quarter of the industry, there is still a huge opportunity for you to triumph in this kind of online marketplace. Since express deliveries are now highly accessible in urban areas, making the market within reach likewise for smaller towns is a profitable strategy.

The multichannel approach to retailing has generated a higher demand for same day delivery, as this has provided the convenience of having the orders delivered straight to the customers’ homes within 24 hours. The big challenge for businesses of all sizes across the nation lies in meeting the expectations of customers – to move packages in a scalable and efficient manner and be delivered as promised on the same day. Shop owners, in turn, anchor on the performance of shippers, and movers, on how fast and efficient they can do their jobs. Thanks to logistics and delivery services companies like Transsporter for coming out with innovative business solutions to meet this demand. They provide senders with a cost-effective shipping method while giving more income incentives for delivery drivers.


Conduct test-runs in different market sizes

Most businesses are focused on providing same day deliveries for large cities- neglecting the smaller parts of town. This wastes the chance of building broader and positive brand equity and gaining more profit. Different market sizes and behaviors lead to different results. It is crucial to have a test-run on different markets to check which market suits your line of business.

By running tests, you’d get an idea of how dense the market is for potential customers, gather data on the environmental factors, and formulate strategies for an efficient and cost-saving same day delivery process. You can also calculate the costs of having deliveries depending on how big or small the market is. Testing in smaller communities gives you a closer estimate of your actual data when you start same day delivery service, and will not be affected heavily if you lack one or two deliveries.

Select a nationally available partner

Since delivery services drivers are from different corners of the world, there is always space for them to have your packages delivered from point A to B. Managing multiple delivery services is extremely difficult, especially when you have multiple sites for your business. Save time and effort by partnering with one nationally scalable service provider. This creates a more organized and efficient process with standardized tracking, uniformed costs by your choice, and accessible real-time data.

Have a systemic process for pick-ups and drop-offs

With this modern-day technology, it is a lot easier to have point-of-sale systems for tracking, scheduling pick-ups and drop-offs, transparency of driver information, and transaction confirmations in real-time. Instead of creating a manual CSVs file to share with the service provider, having a systemic process makes the business function better and appears more credible for the customers. The systemic pick-ups are not only limited to DIY businesses with warehouses, but also with the online and in-store pick-ups.

 Build local sites to minimize distance from customers

Although having an excellent in-store or online shopping experience is crucial for all businesses, retailers should also prioritize being easily accessible to more people faster by extending their resources to having local centers, warehouses, and small physical stores in different parts of the nation. This way, the products are closer to customers and are respectively faster for logistics to arrive.

 Be ready for peak times

Businesses have a crucial role in providing the customers’ needs. Hence, companies should always prepare to supply items whenever and wherever needed. For retailers that offer necessities to their customers, having a supply shortage is a red flag. During peak times, your business must be capable of catering both online and in-store orders. Depending on the current market trends, you need to be flexible to adjust the cut-off time and other delivery deadlines. You need to ensure that all orders get delivered on time.

Function around the clock

Whether you are an auto parts retailer, veterinary clinic, pharmacy, or a regular individual, there are days where you have to send items at an ungodly hour. Some emergencies need urgent attention, which means some businesses should be available for around-the-clock orders. Doing this creates a solid connection and trust between the customers and you.

 Revolutionize traditional couriers

Delivery services have developed little by little since it started. With conventional logistics, companies decide on the costs of delivery based on the weight and size of the shipment and the distance covered. They also decide on fixed delivery schedules- which cannot cater to immediate or unexpected customer demands. Traditional deliveries plan out a day before where packages go, who will transfer it, and how it will be transferred, therefore, any additional express needs will less likely be accommodated. Although traditional deliveries offer same day deliveries, the packages not sent in by the cut-off time at 10 AM are moved the next day. Sticking to couriers that do not accommodate last-minute orders can affect your business, depending on what industry you are in.

 Coordinate store employees for deliveries

Besides being partnered with an efficient logistics service, you need to coordinate management with employees and the shippers. Your store employees that monitor the shipment process are equally important as the delivery itself. They need to be trained on the whole process of receiving, packing and giving the orders. They should also be insightful enough to check on the delivery process- who the drivers are, drop-off locations, and if the packages are complete- then monitor how the delivery went.

 Support transport of large products

Orders come in all forms and sizes. Some need the tiniest bottles for medicines, while some need gigantic equipment for construction. When a product is urgently needed, no matter what shape or size, it should be sent to the recipient as soon as possible. Some couriers have a difficult time providing service to products that are unusual in size because they do not fit the vehicle provided.

Identify the right transport vehicle

You do not have to worry about how your item is going to fit, given the diverse types of transport vehicles, such as those provided by Transsporter to their delivery drivers. Some include cargo vans, box trucks, SUVs, walk-in trucks, and other sorts capable of fitting in different parcel sizes. You just need to find the right vehicle to take care of your business.

 Check the driver’s equipment

To guarantee the safety of your parcels, check if the driver has the equipment to transport large and heavy objects infallibly. Check whether the driver has straps, hampers, and ties that can safely support the items upon moving.

 Have customers choose and decide on delivery windows 

At the point of sale, consumers should be free to choose delivery windows. They are not just after on how fast the delivery is; especially when it comes to heavy or large items, but on the timing of the delivery when unloading them requires more manpower than usual. Lastly, although not all delivery issues can have fail-proof solutions, many online businesses continue to thrive and still aim for continuous improvement. 

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