With the rapid growth of World Wide Web users throughout the years, there is no doubt that its existence has brought the world closer together. People can do almost anything online. From shopping for clothes, groceries, furniture, and gadgets to communicating with friends and family from another part of the world, the internet has it all for us. The world has evolved with the advancements brought by technology. Some people depend on the internet for their daily activities such as eating, booking of transportation, banking, social networking, and even work. As a result, the eCommerce industry has grown substantially.

People are slowly getting used to a world that offers quick and direct access to whatever they want whenever they want it. Especially with the situation brought by COVID-19 wherein a lot of physical establishments have closed, and some companies are asking their employees to work from home, receiving orders within the same day they ordered is essential.

Huge shipping companies see value in same-day delivery, with 88 percent of consumers willing to spend a little more for faster delivery options. Since the internet has made everything more accessible, buyers expect a development with the services they are paying for. Retail companies such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Target are offering same-day local delivery, and there is no reason for small businesses not to do the same. 

Back in 2017, only 16% of e-commerce businesses offer same-day services. By 2019, the e-commerce brands that offer same-day local delivery rose to 51%. Adapting to the new shipping trend may sound risky and hassle for small or startup businesses, however, it is a stable strategy to earn more profit while saving time and expenses on unnecessary processes. 

Here are six benefits of same-day delivery for small businesses:

  1. Save on shipping costs

Shipping your products to your buyer item by item is hugely time-consuming and costly. As a business, sending things in bulk helps you reduce costs and save time. Rather than spending more on expedited delivery, save money by paying how much you want to pay.

There is a yearly increase in postage costs that makes delivery through posts burdensome for startup businesses. Furthermore, large shipping companies such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx have higher fixed rates than smaller same-day services.

With Transsporter, you get to decide the pricing that fits your budget. By working directly with registered drivers, you get to take the middleman out of the picture and choose which driver best suits your needs. Transsporter works with an extensive network of drivers nationwide, so you don’t have to worry about running out of drivers to take your delivery. You also do not have to worry about having a minimum number of packages transported at one time.

Furthermore, if you’re planning on hiring your own drivers and renting your delivery trucks, you’re adding to your business costs. Not yet including the additional managing needed, and maintenance for the vehicles.

Save on your shipping costs to focus your budget on more important expenses.

Some people are too preoccupied with their day-to-day activities at home or at work that they do not have the time to go to a store to physically buy things they need. Some choose to stay at home and rest for the day. Some do not want to wait for their orders in long lines at the store. Regardless of the reason, these customers value the timeliness of their order delivery. Having items delivered to their doorsteps as soon as possible shows how much you value your customers’ time. Giving your customers the joy of ordering and getting the products on the same day increases your customers’ satisfaction.

Stand out from your competitors by implementing a same-day delivery service. Create a loyal group of buyers by providing them with the best service you could offer.

The problem with using transit service providers is your packages go through so many processes. Some transportation service companies use other transportation service providers to transfer goods. Some hand over the parcel to the local post office. If this is the case, the package is transferred to a different warehouse from where you processed it. Furthermore, it may be repackaged with a new tracking system from the new service provider. Not only is this an extremely time-consuming process, but it is also risky. Transferring it from one tracking system to another makes it hard to trace.

Track your parcels using the Transsporter app with real-time GPS tracking. The app lets you see the progress of your delivery at every stage.

Any kind of package must always be handled with the utmost care. Besides taking a long time, delivery through big delivery companies is often unsafe. First, your parcel is placed inside a huge warehouse with thousands of other packages. Sometimes they are moved with conveyor belts before transported to a delivery truck. Some items go through this repeatedly, which increases the chances of damaging the item.

Same-day delivery helps you minimize the movement of your package and crowding it with hundred other parcels. With a simple process of pick-up and drop off, you avoid shattering fragile products, assuring your customers quality products coming their way.

Because same-day local delivery speeds up the delivery process, it helps keep the company function productively. It avoids making the day-to-day processes stagnant. Once the parcels are ready for shipping, you can move on to other tasks. Being efficient helps you gain a better brand reputation, and having a solid reputation increases your loyal customer base.

If your brand is small, your employees will feel accomplished if you finish sending out all orders promptly.

Your items are valuable for you, your customer, and us. As with all other local delivery service companies, the security of your parcels is a top priority. Your products control your business, and the couriers are your messengers. Transsporter exclusively accepts the best drivers they can find and protects your information with app encryption that secures your data. Furthermore, we also have package insurance that covers the expenses just in case an accident happens.

Gain a competitive advantage with Transsporter for quality and secure same-day delivery. Running a business- big or small- will always be difficult. Offer your customers the best delivery options they can have- whether for time-sensitive products, documents, or even other materials that doesn’t necessarily have to arrive asap. Save money and time on delivery and spend them on other equally important duties.

Register and schedule your local delivery today with the Transsporter app from your I phone. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/transsporter-the-delivery-app/id1439208412

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