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Redefining Package Delivery

Transsporter is the package delivery service you’ve all been waiting for. With Transsporter, you can say goodbye to long lines, waiting times, and inconvenient deliveries once and for all.

Born from the mind of US Navy Special Operations Veteran Jeff Spengler, Transsporter gives the logistics industry a 21st-century boost. With its revolutionary system, Transsporter brings you an all-new way to deliver your packages, and it’s faster, cheaper, and better than ever!

If you make frequent package deliveries, you owe it to yourself to try Transsporter. Our incredibly easy system makes sending your packages from Point A to Point B quick and convenient. Designed with you in mind, Transsporter updates package delivery services like never before to save you time and money.

Below, we’ll tell you all about how Transsporter works—and how it gives customers like you the ability to set your delivery rates. We’ll also show you how we can cut the middleman to provide our customers with unprecedented control over their package delivery.

If you’re tired of standing in long lines at the post office and subpar service, it’s time to make a change. We’re sure that Transsporter is what you’ve been looking for.

Who We Are

We’re more than a package delivery company. Our team consists of unique innovators who care about you.

At Transsporter, we’re proud of the work we do and are continually looking for ways to improve your experience. We do this through a constant focus on our services. We understand that the logistics and delivery industry are continually changing, and we strive to be at the forefront of progress.

We stay up to date on current trends and consumer demands so we can provide an experience unlike any other. We do this through our passion for improving the industry and customer experience. Our team understands the frustrations with traditional package delivery services and works hard to cut and remove them. We’re confident that our hard work will save you time and money with Transsporter.

What’s more, you cannot define us by a single trait or attribute. But to give you a better idea of who we are, we’ve boiled down our team to three representative qualities. These three characteristics shape all that we do and are part of the reason that we’ve made Transsporter so effective at helping you.

We’re proud to be: A Veteran-Owned Company

We love our country and the people who serve it. Founded by US Navy Seals Operations veteran Jeff Spengler, Transsporter was born of a love for the USA and the people in it.

Spengler, who understands what it means to give all to one’s country, realizes that giving back to the US happens on more than the battlefield. That’s why he created Transsporter so that citizens in Virginia Beach—and across the nation—can enjoy a streamlined, efficient package delivery service.

What’s more, Transsporter has been designed with precise attention to detail and focus on both practicality and consumer experience. This focus provides customers with a near-flawless delivery experience that proves to be head and shoulders above more traditional companies.

We’d also like to take time to thank all the men and women currently serving the United States and those who have served before. At Transsporter, we honor your bravery and patriotism and hope that we can provide you with world-class service.

Our goal is to give back to American communities through our innovation and perseverance. Try Transsporter for your local package deliveries to see how well it can work for you!

We Are Innovators

At Transporter, we dare to be different, unique, and forward-thinking. We realize that the modern logistics industry is a bit outdated—and that its dated nature makes it more difficult for Americans like you to get your job done. That’s why our staff is full of innovators—people who are continually coming up with new ways to solve old problems. And with Transsporter, we’re confident that we’ve helped reduce or cut several issues found in the current logistics industry.

Through our new-age system, we’ve simply revolutionized package delivery. By understanding the reality of the American landscape, Spengler was able to imagine a system in which every willing and able car-owning American (approximately 270 million people) can become a “transsporter.”

That’s right—our system turns the American public into one extensive transportation system. This unique approach means that your package can be delivered quickly and easily without the need for a bothersome middleman. And because you have more control in the way that you set up your order and deliver your package, you can expect better results than ever before!

And that’s only the beginning. Our staff continues to seek new ways to improve the consumer experience. As the American landscape continues to change, we expect to continue to trailblaze new paths for even better package delivery services.

We Are A Package Delivery Company That Cares

At the root of all we do is one simple fact—we care about our customers. We also care about the logistics industry and understand that, at its core, it is meant to serve you. Lately, we’ve felt that traditional package delivery services work more for faceless companies to make a profit and less for you to get your package delivered quickly, safely, and affordably. And that just doesn’t sit right with us.

That’s why we’ve designed Transsporter to solve these problems. As seen, our revolutionary approach helps ensure that you get the package delivery service you’ve been dreaming of!  We want to make sure your experience is the one that YOU need. That’s because, at Transsporter, we put our customers first. We understand that the only package delivery service that works is the one that you’re happy with, not the one that you’re settling for.

Through our unique system, we’re bringing choice back to the American public and putting YOU in control! Continue reading to find out exactly how Transsporter can help you!

What We Do

At Transsporter, we do more than deliver your package from Point A to Point B—though we do that, too. We’ve developed a game-changing process that combines modern innovation with old-fashioned customer service.

Here’s our process:

1) Download the Transsporter App

Getting started with Transsporter is simple! All you need to do is download our app to gain access to the many amazing benefits we offer.

Our convenient mobile app has a user-friendly interface that’s great for people of all ages. No matter your experience with technology, navigating our app is quick and painless. The ease of this app means that you can spend more time doing the things you care about.

Why wait in long lines at the post office when Transsporter is only a click away? With our customer-friendly app, you have the control you need to do business on your terms. The perfect tool for companies and individuals alike, Transsporter ensures that your next local package delivery is as smooth as possible!

2) Enter Payment Information

Once you’ve downloaded our app and registered an account, you need to enter your payment information. If that’s raising concerns with you, don’t worry. We will never charge you random or hidden fees, and our app boasts secure encryption that keeps your private financial information safe.

Why do we need your payment information? The answer is simple: YOU get to decide how much you pay for your delivery.

No, you didn’t read that wrong! You really do! When setting up your package delivery with Transsporter, you can decide your rates! If a driver agrees to them and both parties accept the delivery, then you will be charged the price that YOU selected!

How is that for user control?

We understand this may sound too good to be true. Especially if you’re used to standing in long lines, weighing your boxes, and having astronomical rates thrown at you. But trust us—it’s not.

Our ability to give you greater flexibility in your pricing stems from our unique approach. Because we use drivers in an all-new way, we’re able to reduce delivery costs and provide increased pricing transparency.

3) Create Your Delivery Job

Before your package can be shipped, you’ll need to create your delivery job. This job will get posted so that drivers in your area can accept it and deliver it in record time!

The good news is that creating your delivery job is incredibly fast and easy. All you’ll need to do is input the necessary information about your package dimensions, location, and destination and wait for our drivers to do the rest!

Your delivery job is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we give you the ability to create your job and to let our drivers know just what you want. This factor gives you more control over the delivery process.

Unlike traditional package delivery services, Transsporter lets you dictate the terms. In other words, you’re not entrusting your package to a faceless network and system of drivers; instead, you become part of our system by actively posting jobs with your very own requirements.

4) Check Comparable Rates and Set Your Price!

To make sure that your job is selected, you’ll want to remain competitive. Remember that others in your local area need their packages delivered, too! And the more attractive your offer, the more likely it is to be quickly accepted.

This factor doesn’t mean that you have to raise your rates, of course. With that in consideration, checking the rates that others are setting in the area allows you to maintain a fair market price for your order. And because there’s no go-between, you can still enjoy significant savings!

Checking comparable rates for orders in your area is quick and straightforward with our mobile app! Simply view other orders in the area so that you can set a price you’re comfortable with!

And take it from us—if you’ve set a great, competitive price, you can expect the delivery of your package in no time! Best of all, our revolutionary system benefits both drivers and senders who enjoy a streamlined delivery service without all the unnecessary fees.

5) Wait for Delivery

Once your order is accepted, all you need to do is wait. Because our system utilizes an entire fleet of drivers in your local area, you can expect the delivery of your package quickly.

Our goal to cut all the red tape of package delivery means that you can expect your order to be completed much quicker than with traditional delivery services—and for a much cheaper rate. This feature gives you peace of mind needed for you to know that your order is taken care of by one of our many talented and caring drivers.

By using Transsporter, you’ll be able to experience a package delivery service, unlike any other. See why others in the Virginia Beach area and other areas are turning away from traditional package delivery services for the ease and affordability of Transsporter! Once you try our one-of-a-kind system, we’re sure that you’ll never want to go back (and we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t)!

Yes, it is that simple!

Gone are the headaches and high fees associated with sending even the simplest of packages! With Transsporter, you have access to a fleet of drivers who can deliver your package without the strain!

Above all, we’re looking to return control to you. After all, it is your package and your budget. Our revolutionary delivery system cuts the middleman to improve efficiency and affordability.

Our game-changing system redefines the logistics industry and puts YOU back at the center of focus. For those living in the Virginia Beach area, our service provides package delivery made easy!

Make us your local package delivery company to save both time AND money!

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